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                          The World’s Best

                               Standing Seam

          Metal Roofing Brackets!

                                                                                   Mario Lallier, LLC employees have
                                                                                   installed all three types of Metal Plus,
                                                                                   LLC roofing brackets and the neces-
                                                                                   sary staging. These three roofing
                                                                                   brackets—The Ultimate Bracket, The
                                                                                   Big Boys, and The Roofer’s Helper—
                                                                                   were specifically designed for stand-
                                                                                   ing seam metal roofs.

                                                                                   The Litchfield Hills Solar Company
                                                                                   will use these brackets to tie in all
                                                                                   the necessary solar wiring into the
                                                                                   standing seam metal roof, creating
                                                                                   an integrated system.

                                                              Afterwards, the metal roofing company will return to
                                                              the roof and install the ridge cap before the brackets
                                                              are dismantled and removed. This process goes smoothly
                                                              and efficiently, due to the brackets’ one-handed,
                                                              quick-release design.

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