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                       A  BET TER  ANCHOR POINT!

         Universal Safety Anchor

                                                                       Metal Plus Universal Safety Anchor (USA) has also
                                                                       done very well  in our neighboring country. This
                                                                       photo is from  ALL...THE BEST Inc. doing a project in
                                                                       Alberta Canada. The company quoted; “The
                                                                       synergy between the Universal Safety Anchor,
                                                                       and the Roofing Brackets, has made our job a
                                                                       safe and efficient workplace.”

                         For Standing Seam Metal Roofs!

            Are you dissatisfied with the anchor points currently on the market, which cause serious damage

           to the standing seam panels with their primitive and cumbersome design? Some gouge the panels,
            and others are limited to a few panel profiles! We’ve revolutionized the industry of anchor points,

                             with our well-designed and engineered Universal Safety Anchor!

                         Designed for

                       Metal Roofers,

                     Solar  Installers,

              Carpenters  and Masons!

                                          860-379-1327 I 12 I
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