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                                    ColorGard               ®  ColorGard  is the most reliable snow retention system on the
                                                               market, and we have the warranty to prove it! In addition to the
                                                               free 25–year  warranty on parts, ColorGard is the only system that
                                    offers an optional limited ColorGard System Warranty* against system failure. ColorGard maintains
                                    unsurpassed holding strength and a lower installed cost than any other engineered system on the
                                    market. Unlike other snow retention systems, ColorGard utilizes a strip of the actual roof material to
                                    ensure perfect color match for the life of the roof.*

                                    *  To see optional limited ColorGard System Warranty information, check out our ColorGard Calculator, view load test results, and more at

            Metal Plus LLC offers a variety of color strips that smoothly slide into your Colorgard

         cross-members. Colorgard is designed to work with a strip of roofing material. The color

               strips are a 2” wide x 99” long 24 gage Galvalume. We stock most colors below.

                       Please note that colors are approximate and may deviate slightly.

         Burgundy      Charcoal          Colonial     Dark            Forest             Hartford         Medium          Slate                   Slate                Terra

                                   ray                     Red                   Bronze           Green             Green                Bronze               Blue                    Gray          Cotta


                             Product                 1-11         12-36          37-72          73+
                            Color Strips            $11.89        $8.99          $7.89          $7.49
                                          860-379-1327 I 16 I
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