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     The World’s Best

     Standing Seam

     Metal Roofing


     Metal Plus Brackets Improve

     Your Profit Margin

     How Metal Plus Brackets Can Improve
     Your Profit Margin
     The industry has recognized Metal Plus LLC’s roof bracket as a vital
     piece of equipment for the installation of metal roofing and solar arrays.
     Because of the importance of standing seam metal roofing, solar arrays
     and their attachments in determining cost efficiency and longevity, it is
     imperative to calculate time cost into various projects. Since a company’s
     biggest expense is labor costs, not tools and equipment, unforeseen
     labor costs can severely impact a company’s profit margin.
     By utilizing Metal Plus, LLC’s brackets to speed up a project,
     a company can experience a 15% to 25% profit increase
     depending on the scope of the project.

     Our brackets act like an additional set of hands
      to make solar panel installation quicker and
     easier by holding panels in place.

     Metal Plus, LLC’s product line of brackets easily clamp onto
     the standing seam roof without damage to the panel or paint.
     The brackets also create a comfortable, safe and more efficient
     work area for the employee. Employees will now have a staging
     area to rest roofing accessories and solar modules. For the
     company, this translates into a higher profit margin, a safer
     work environment, and less fatigued and happier employees.

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