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            THE ROOFER’S                                                  Package

                     HELPER                                           Starter Kit

        •  Designed to hold solar panels, skylights and         To give you the tools you need to secure and simplify
          chicken ladders in place on the roof                  your roofing project, our starter kit comes with eight

        •  Enables tie down of a ladder on the bottom           Roofing Brackets in any combination you choose!
          or side of the roof                                   Customize your kit by choosing from our Ultimate
        • Fits in tight places where planks do not work         Brackets, Big Boys and Roofer’s Helpers.

        •  Can be used by any trade that performs work on a
          standing seam metal roof                              Kit - $9,672
        • Can be used as a ladder

        • Two clamping systems
        •  Adjustable bar for various widths of
          standing seams

        •  High-grade powder coating prevents
        •  Custom designed rubber pads on the base of the
          tool prevent roof damage

        •  Installs from a 1" up to a 2" Snap-Lock or
          mechanical standing seam metal roof
        $1,269 per bracket

                                           All of our

                                       brackets are

                                    made in the USA!

                                          860-379-1327 I 9 I
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