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$8.09 – $7.85

See also S-5-H MINI for Solar Panels

The S-5-H clamp (“H” is for Horizontal seam) is designed to accommodate horizontal seams that are not fully closed. The setscrews are side-install rather than top-down. When the seam is horizontally-oriented but completely closed, the S-5-H90 clamp is a more economical solution (top-down setscrews).

This clamp design allows attachment anywhere along the seam and fitment over wider horizontal seams.

The H Mini clamp is a more economical solution for lighter-duty attachments where Herculean holding strength is not required.

The H Mini clamp is a bit shorter than the standard H with one setscrew rather than two.

Does the S-5-H Fit Your Roof Profile?

All standard and Mini clamps undergo rigorous load testing. Negative load normal-to-seam testing (pull-up) is performed on all Mini clamps, and parallel-to-seam testing (drag load) is performed on all standard clamps.

PCS / BOX 14
1 – 14 $8.09
15 – 59 $7.99
60+ $7.85

Pricing subject to change at will.

S-5! Product Warranty

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  • For standing seam panels with horizontal seam orientation (single-folded)
  • Accommodates roof panels with a horizontal seam not fully closed
  • Two-piece design allows for easy attachment anywhere along seam length
  • Insert allows clamp to fit over wider horizontal seams up to .75” (19 mm)
  • Used with snow retention and other heavy-duty applications
  • Two T-30 Torx round-point setscrews (Torx bit tip provided)
  • One M8 bolt included
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