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The S-5-H90 is a one-piece clamp that was developed to securely and cost-effectively accommodate metal roof panels with a horizontal seam greater than 0.65″. Turning the clamp 90 degrees so that the bolt hole side is facing up, slip the clamp on the seam and tighten the setscrews.


After the clamp is installed, affix ancillary items using either of the two threaded bolt holes and bolt provided. The S-5-H90 is perfect for use with the S-5! ColorGard® and X-Gard™ snow retention systems and other heavy-duty applications.


The S-5-H90 clamp has been tested for load-to-failure results on a variety of horizontal standing seam roof profiles from leading panel manufacturers. The independent lab test reports prove that S-5! holding strength is unmatched in the industry.

The S-5-H90 and S-5-H90 Mini clamps are each furnished with the hardware shown above. Each box also includes a bit tip for tightening setscrews using an electric screw gun. The structural aluminum attachment clamp is compatible with all common metal roofing materials excluding copper. All necessary stainless steel hardware is included.

Pricing subject to change at will.

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